Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Issue with Blog Title

This is my first attempt at blogging. So pardon me if it isn't as interesting a read as generally expected of a blog article. Recently, I created a profile for my blog post and the first question was selecting an appropriate title for my blog. So, I thought I will start with writing something about it than choosing to write about any other topic.

So, I realized that selecting a title could be very tricky particularly if you have no idea or have a lot of ideas. If you have no idea then there are just countless possibilities for choosing a title. On the other hand, if you have a lot of ideas, then not one title will reflect all ideas together and you will be searching forever. I can now understand the plight of parents in selecting a name for the newborn.

In my case, I wasn't stuck in these two extremes but rather could see what i wanted the title to reflect. It was just a question of coming up with the words. But that wasn't easy either and I should say that there was an evolutionary phase that the title went through. Generally, a blog involves a description of the situation which establishes the context but the important part is the reasoning that goes with it and the conclusions that come of them thereby creating a complete story. The reasoning takes you from one thought to the next thought in a logical manner and hence a blog represents a series of well connected thoughts.

So, I started with "Streaks of Lightning" as the title as a lightning basically represents a path through which light travels. Not only that, it als0 reflects the fact that a different lightning streak in the sky can be taken to represent a different line of reasoning and a different story therefore. And there could be endless possibilities. For example, one group of people will like a particular movie but the other may not and each group will have their own reasons for it. So depending on the reasons, the end result could be different even though everybody started with the movie as the context in this case.

Then I moved on to "Sparks and Streaks" where the sparks probably meant that the blog will have completely random articles and sometimes may not even be informative just like how this one may turn out. But still, it is my blog and i should be granted the freedom to write whatever i think of (informative or otherwise). But I wasn't too happy with that title and was still looking for something fancier.

So, currently the title is "Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles." Some of you might know that this is the phrase that Captain Haddock from Adventures of Tintin uses every now and then. I would kill the beauty of this title if i venture into an explanation of how this represents my idea of a blog. But I have given the necessary background to appreciate this title and to give an idea of what i am getting at by means of this title.

Okay, So I am officially done with my first article!!